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vlcsnap-2015-11-22-03h10m50s808.jpgThe Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali (Enpa) is the biggest italian society for animal rights, protection and welfare. Founded in 1871 by Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of Italy’s “fathers of the fatherland”, Enpa has its headquarters in Rome and more than 160 branches all over Italy. We protect animals by hosting in our shelters those in need or in danger, such as stray dogs; and also those victims of mistreatments. Every year our volunteers assist more than 30,000 animals. Furthermore our mission is to raise awareness on animal protection issues, to provide legal support, to educate in respecting other beings, to prevent and repress crimes against animals. This is why Enpa, which is a voluntary work organization recognised by the italian state, has a corps of security guards known as Guardie Zoofile, specialized in animal and environment protection.


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