Enpa’s missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Following a request from the municipalities of Bihaç and Bosanska Krupa, Enpa’s task force (Unità di Intervento Nazionale) organized with its vets an international sterilisation campaign in Bihac.
  • Enpa has delivered through its communication department (Centro Nazionale Comunicazione e Sviluppo) 2 tonns of pet food for stray dogs in Bihac.
  • Within its program “Rete Solidale” Enpa has nursed and treated in its shelter in Perugia four dogs and six cat suffering from severe pathologies



  • Second sterilisation campaign of dogs and cats in Bihac. The campaing has been conducted according to medical procedures provided for by the program “Rete Solidale”.



  • Mission of Enpa’s task force in Banja Luka and Prijedor. The Unità di Intervento Nazionale delivered two tonns of pet food and vet medicines for two local animal protection organisations: Sapa u srcu – Zampa nel cuore and Prijedor Emergency. In this occasion were held official meetings with representatives of the municipalities of Banja Luka and Prijedor. As a result, the municipality of Prijedor decided to stop the killing of strays in the Kurevo kennel.
  • Second delivery of food aid: 1,5 tonns of pet food for Sapa u srcu – Zampa nel cuore and Prijedor Emergency
  • Shooting of the documentary entitled “Ina e Gli Altri”, a movie that testifies the mission carried out in 2015 in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Enpa’s task force and the condition of stray animals in the country. The documentry is available here: http://inaeglialtri.wordpress.com


2016 – today

  • Enpa is funding the reflooring of the shelter named Drazenkas House Banja Luka Cats and Dogs, managed in Banja Luka by Sara U Srcu – Zampa.
  • Enpa is also funding a project for the enlargement of Kamikani shelter runned by Prijedor Emergency. The goal is to build a 120 meters wide fenced area equipped with boxes which will take in dogs saved from the Kurevo kennel.


Since 2013 we have been helping, with medicines and various equipment, animal protection organisations such as Spas, Humanimal, and obviously, Sapa u srcu – Zampa nel cuore and Prijedor Emergency.


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